We are a nation of immigrants of the past and present.

Immigrants contribute significantly to the American economy. Based on a report from New American Economy, in 2016, 40.2 percent of Fortune 500 companies have been founded by immigrants or their children. These firms generate $4.8 trillion in revenue.

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Dr Ming Wang, Published Jan 27, 2016 on Tennessean.com

In August 2015, we had the first stock market correction (defined as a 10 percent decline from recent peaks) in more than four years. Yet barely four months later, the U.S. is already experiencing another one. Though the recent oil price drop did contribute to the most recent correction, the real culprit for both corrections is the same — China. As the president of the Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce, I would like to discuss the trends of the Chinese economy in recent decades, and the global impact of its recent slowdown, particularly in the U.S.