Goals: To advice TCCC in area of expertise and knowledge of that committee and being involved in business interactions/exchanges between TN and China in that specific area.

TCCC Advisory Committees:

Advisory Committees on

Financial Investment: Brian Sconyers (chair), Mark Jacobs;

International Business: Howard Cochran (chair);

Chinese history, culture and philosophy: Ronnie Littlejohn (chair);

Government Relations: Patrice Gordon (chair)

Industry legal guidelines: Jeff Peterson (chair);

International studies: Turney Stevens (chair);

Healthcare: Ming Wang (chair), Mary Jane Overby;

Export & Import: Qiang Wu (chair), Mike East;

Manufacturing: John Ma (chair), Andrew Frennier;

Accounting, Finance, Tax and Insurance: Kerry Tang (chair), Scott Brewer;

Restaurant: David Lin (chair);

Education: Galen Hull (chair);

Real Estate: Harold Morris (chair); Lucius W. Carroll II